Saturday, April 27, 2013

Out like a Lamb...

After a wild start where the month roared in like a lion as March is supposed to do, it's difficult to believe it is almost the end of April.  It seems as though it should already be mid-May.

Only a few days more than three weeks ago we were having snow and now the trees are all leafed out as you can see in this picture of the chickens taken this afternoon.   It was around 70 degrees though our new outdoor thermometer (purchased for only $2.00!) said it was over 80.  Wonder where the artist came up with the wild comb on this rooster :)

The weather earlier in the day was gorgeous for the Powhatan TSC swap.   We met lots of nice people and a few new Basque enthusiasts.  One of them was the lady who purchased hatching eggs from us.  Her little peepers are doing well.   Our chicks are growing fast too.  Here is one bunch in one of the grow-out pens.

The sizzles are getting quite pretty too.  I sold one this morning and retained two for my flock.   We should be hatching more soon.   One has smooth feathers and will be bred back to a silkie to improve skin color before crossing back to a frizzle again for the curled feathers.  The sizzle in the back is just too cute and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the red frizzle is a female so I can cross "her" with one of my silkie roosters; perhaps the white Hattrick boy.

 And for the foodies among you, I just enjoyed a plate of fresh asparagus - the first of the season from our gardens.    Delicious poached to fork tender and drizzled with a simple lemon butter (melted butter, grated lemon peel, the juice of half a lemon and fresh ground pepper.)  I personally prefer this lightly emulsified dressing to the richer hollandaise, but for those who like the creamier dressing, nothing beats a free range and fresh egg which we now have in abundance!

We also have two new additions to the farm.   I am sad to say our livestock guardian of ten years crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks ago and we are now training up this little ball of fluff.   Ensign is badger marked Great Pyrenees.  He was born and raised with chickens (from Avery's Branch Farm) and is beginning to guard his charges here.

Our second addition is a handsome young Swedish Flower Hen rooster.   I am still trying to decide on a name for him while he waits in quarantine.  It will either be Erik the Red for his red mille pattern (and something Scandinavianish) or Ambrose.  Do you have any preferences?

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